Russsianality is the exclusive representative in Russia of a number of outstanding British brands of upholstered furniture, interior fabrics and wallpapers.

We offer the Russian market the very best of British made products for interior designers, highly regarded in the UK, but less well known in Russia. The brands we represent include Linwood, Moon, David Gundry, Art Of The Loom and Tradescant & Son. We have carefully chosen our partners and are proud to say that all of our brands represent the very best in interior design from the UK.

Our team – Alla Natalchenko and Andrew Robinson – is pleased to invite you to our showroom in the centre of Moscow or come to you for a meeting to tell us more about our collections. Our brands can be seen at leading Moscow exhibitions such as Decorus and I Salone.

Our Brands

We represent a select number of industry leaders and niche design studios, giving our selection a unique and diverse edge over all other Moscow interiors distributors.

Linwood – Textiles and Wallcoverings

Moon – Textiles

Art Of The Loom – Textiles

David Gundry – Furniture

Tradescant & Son – Textiles and Wallcoverings

We are the exclusive representatives of these outstanding design companies in Russia, and look forward to working with you to bring these furniture, textile and wall-covering collections to your projects.

If you are interesting in collaborating with us in any capacity, please contact us using the form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Tradescant & Son Textiles - Russianality

The Moscow Showroom

Our showroom in Moscow has become a hub for Russian interior designers and specifiers looking for outstanding design and competitive prices. Many of our top selling furniture pieces are on display in the showroom, along with a full collection of samples, fabric and wallpaper books from our brands. Our collections represent a wide range of price points, and our clients can always find what they are looking for, under the expert guidance of our experienced showroom staff.

We are highly conscious of the wide range of concerns our clients have when importing luxury design from the UK, and are happy to advise, recommending key importers and freight companies.